EGR - DPF - UREA Delete

Custom tuning available for competition trucks and export trucks using high sulfur fuel.



Diesel Spec offers off-highway tuning for special application for competitions and events like drag racing and/or sled pulling. In most cases, engines used in competition require modifications, including parts replacement and emissions component removal. We offer high performance Big Boss parts for those applications like: Turbo Chargers, Manifolds, and High Torque Clutches etc. Newer engines require cancellation of the Regen System. We offer tuning to delete EGR Valve, DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), Urea system (DEF Fluid), VGT Turbo (Variable geometry turbo) and RPM limiters.


With the deletion, modifications and performance parts, your engine can easily reach over 1000 horsepower.




Most countries still use high sulfur diesel fuel. All North American Trucks that are 2007 and newer, equipped with an EPA07, EPA10 or EPA13 Certified Engine, can not operate on high sulfur fuel. Using high sulfur fuel, the engines will run approximately one week. During this time the DPF will become completely clogged with soot/carbon and the engine will shutdown.


Diesel Spec has the solution – completely cancel the aftertreatment system (EGR-DPF-SCR). The truck engine will now perform normally without going to de-rated or in shut-down mode because of engine codes.


Most of our tuning can be performed remotely all over the world with the purchase of Diesel Spec tooling. So, you won’t need to ship ECM’s to Canada and wait for a week. You will save both on shipping costs and downtime. Once you are equipped with our DSI remote tuner the tuning can be done in one hour.



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