What's ECM Tuning?

With more than 5000 truck tuned each year, Diesel Spec is the Canadian leader in diesel engine performance.

ECM tuning is the process of fine tuning the software program that controls your engine fuel management system, without having to replace any part.  The result: more power, greater response and lower fuel consumption. What’s more, fine tuning an ECM has no negative impact on exhaust emissions or engine life. In fact, optimal tuning of your engine will reduce your maintenance cost, since an engine with better combustion is a cleaner engine.


Tuning has been very popular in Europe since the last 20 years, because of high fuel costs. Due to rising fuel prices in North America over the last decade, interest in tuning has been growing. To respond to that increasing demand, Diesel Spec has invest in tuning for diesel engines. 


Diesel Spec Inc. is the leader in truck diesel engine ECM tuning technology. With over 30,000 medium and heavy-duty diesel truck tuning performed, Diesel Spec has built its reputation with countless satisfied customers all over the world.


If you are looking to improve fuel economy and/or increase the power of your current engine, we are confident that our expertise can help you acheive these goals. We offer a 30 Day satisfaction money back guarantee on all our tuning.


Diesel Spec has over 300 dealer locations in North America. We are growing with dealers now in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, France, Austria, Chili and even South Africa. We can serve you, no matter wherever you may be, all around the world.


Diesel Spec specializes in fuel efficiency and performance tuning for owner/operators and fleets alike. Our high performance tuning designed for drag racing and off road competition may require EGR valve delete, DPF delete ( Diesel Particular Filter ) and/or Urea deletion kits. These changes would make for a winning upgrade.


We offer tuning for:


Cummins, Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel, Mercedes,International, Volvo, Paccar, Mack and most agriculture engines.


Established in 1987 and with over 27 years of experience in heavy duty diesel engine, Diesel Spec Inc. is the best choice for all your heavy duty truck engine and performance needs.



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