Tuesday November 14, 2017

Diesel Spec has been specializing in diesel engine repair for heavy trucks for over 25 years now. Our expertise in engine repair allows us to fix any problem of electronic or mechanical kind. The repair work we perform on engines allows drivers to enhance the performance and improve the diesel fuel economy of their heavy trucks. Trust our team of specialists and our cutting-edge equipment for your diesel engine tuning. Here are the services Diesel Spec offers:



We define which elements need to be repaired on your diesel engine to increase its performance, and we identify the improvements that can be made.



We perform the necessary repair work to keep your heavy truck engine running like new.


 Tune up

Trust Diesel Spec to perform tuning work on your truck.



If you want to improve the performance of your diesel engine, Diesel Spec can also handle injection repair work.


Engine leaks

Diesel Spec can stop leaks from your diesel engine and prevent them from reoccurring, which will improve the fuel economy of your heavy truck.


Engine overhaul

Diesel Spec overhauls parts that were damaged from the wear on your diesel engine.


High Performance parts installation

Enhance the performance of your engine with new parts.



Diesel Spec has one speciality: the tune up, maintenance and repair of diesel engines. Come see us and we will fix any engine-related problem in our workshop!



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