Collecteurs d'échappement

Améliore le flux d'air pour abaisser les températures d'échappement, réduire le retard du turbo, et augmenter la puissance et le couple.



 To make the most of your engine we need to take advantage of not only what goes in the engine but also what comes out of the engine. We have designed our exhaust manifolds to maximize the exhaust air flow to reduce turbo lag time and cool exhaust temperatures. In the design of the manifold each port is analyzed and tested to provide a balanced flow to the turbocharger. Big Boss® Exhaust Manifolds produce, on average, a 20% air flow increase over a stock manifold, cooling exhaust temperatures by 75-100 degrees. PDI manifolds are a big part in maintaining the best exhaust pressure to boost pressure ratios which will provide potential for increased fuel economy.Performance Diesel Inc. sets the standard for diesel performance and reliability. All of our performance products are designed to help you take control of not only horsepower but also make a more efficient and reliable engine. PDI’s Big Boss® Exhaust Manifolds are one of the first steps toward more power and increased fuel economy!

At PDI, we use only the best material for our products. We use a far superior grade of HMSD material that eliminates weak points such as warping, cracking, and center divider failure from heat erosion. This material, combined with a redesign of the mounting surfaces, eliminates common failures due to a fatigued manifold.

With a Big Boss® Exhaust Manifold you can be sure you are on your way to making your engine work for you! No matter which of our exhaust manifolds you purchase you can be sure that it will work with our countless other performance products such as turbo upgrades and tuning upgrades.

Quality is not only in the material used but in the design. Each PDI product is not only tested in theory but is also thoroughly tried and tested on our chassis dyno and real world testing. With our industry leading facility, we can prove the horsepower results on the dyno and at the fuel pump!