CUMMINS 2013-2016

CUMMINS 2013-2016 Now available.Tuning for all Cummins EPA13 2013-2015 engines.

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DETROIT DIESEL  2013-2016 Now available. Tuning for all Detroit Diesel EPA13 2013-2015 engines.

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What's ECM Tuning?

EGR VALVE DELETE KITS With more than 5000 truck tuned each year, Diesel Spec is the Canadian leader in diesel engine performance.

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EGR - DPF - UREA Delete

Faster delivery! Custom tuning available for competition trucks and export trucks using high sulfur fuel.

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PACCAR 2013-2016

PACCAR PERFORMANCE TUNING Now available.Tuning for all Paccar EPA 2013-2015 engines.

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